What is Ureaplasma?

Ureaplasma is a bacterium which occurs naturally in men and women. It is not considered a classic sexually transmitted infection. It can, however, be passed through sexual contact. When a colony of the bacteria overgrows, it can cause irritation.

Having a Ureaplasma infection does not mean that there has been infidelity in a relationship. It may simply be out of control bacteria. If you have any symptoms, it is important to get tested.

Did you know? ...

In pregnant women, untreated Ureaplasma can lead to complications during birth. Click here to read more.

How can I catch it?

Ureaplasma is mainly transmitted through unprotected vaginal or anal sex. However, the infection can also be passed in non-sexual ways, including sharing needles, blood transfusions and, in rare cases, through coughing, kissing and nose or eye secretions. In pregnant women, the infection can be passed to the unborn child.

What are the signs and symptoms?

An infection can cause symptoms that are similar to those of urethritis. These can include:

  • Unusual genital discharge
  • Pain during urination
  • Discomfort in the genital area
  • Redness and inflammation around the site of infection.

How can I test for Ureaplasma?

Testing with Better2Know is easy, fast and painless. You simply provide a urine sample at the clinic. Please be sure that you hold your urine before your test, so that you can provide an adequate sample.

The results for this test take five days from when your sample is received in the testing laboratory. Ureaplasma testing is available as part of our Comfort Screen, Full Screen or Platinum Screen.

How is Ureaplasma treated?

Ureaplasma is treated with a course of antibiotics. Better2Know can provide you with a prescription for the appropriate medication if you test positive. You are recommended to avoid sexual contact for two weeks to avoid passing the infection on. Some people will naturally clear the infection over time by resting and avoiding sex.

If left untreated, what are the health risks?

An untreated Ureaplasma infection increases the risk of developing other conditions such as kidney stones and catching other STIs including HIV. In extreme cases, the infection may spread within the body, damaging nerves, muscles and joints. A prolonged infection may also increase the risk of infertility in women.

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