Home Testing: Your Easy and Lower Cost Testing Alternative

We provide a wide range of Home Test Kits for individual STI tests as well as wide-ranging STI screens, which you can easily administer yourself, from the comfort of your own home.

  • 1 Buy test online
  • 2 Receive by post
  • 3 Provide a sample
  • 4 Return your sample
  • 5 Secure results

Buy Your Test Kit Online

We offer a wide range of home test kits in our shop. From individual tests to comprehensive screens, covering a variety of infections.

Receive Your Test Kit in the Post

If you order your test before 4pm, your test kits will be dispatched on the same day (weekdays only).

Provide a Sample

When you receive your test kit, simply take a sample and place it in the provided container. Clear instructions are included.

Return Your Sample to the Lab

Your test kit includes an envelope to make it easy to return your sample for testing.

Check Your Results Securely Online

We will notify you when your results are available. You can retrieve them via our secure online portal.

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Quick and Easy Self-Sample Collection

For our home tests, you will need to collect a blood, urine and/or swab sample depending on the tests you choose. You will also receive a full instruction leaflet for sample collection via email.

  • If your test requires a blood sample, please watch this video carefully the whole way through to see how to use your kit.
  • Please wash your hands in warm water before starting.
  • Please make sure you fill your tube to the top line.