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STI Clinics Carlow

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Better2Know’s services have come to Myshall near Carlow. Better2Know’s comprehensive sexual health testing services ranging from HIV to STI testing and treatment are here to ensure that your sexual health is taken care of. 

Whatever your sexual health concerns, Better2Know is here to help you: quickly and confidentially.  We do not need your real name to get you your STI and HIV test results.  Our friendly team of doctors and nurses at Carlow will help you.  They will not ask you any embarrassing questions and will take your blood and/ or urine sample quickly and efficiently.

Whether you have symptoms, think you may have been exposed, consider yourself at risk, or are just hoping for some peace of mind, Better2Know provides STI testing to suit your needs. 

Use the map below to locate our sexual health clinic near you in Carlow and consider getting tested for STIs. 

Our clinics in and around Carlow:

STI and HIV testing near Carlow

Better2Know’s clinic in Myshall just outside Carlow offers quick, accurate, and confidential STI testing for a wide range of common STIs such as Syphilis, Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia as well as testing for HIV and more. Select one of our comprehensive STI screenings for added assurance or build a testing plan to suit you. 

Our Peace of Mind screen will give you accurate results at just two weeks after any incident that you are concerned about.  It will test you for Syphilis, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhoea with results just two days from when your sample is received at the testing laboratory.

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If you have any further questions, then please call the number above and speak to our team of highly trained sexual health advisors over the phone or using our live online web chat. We are happy to assist you. To book an appointment use the ‘book now’ button or call the phone number above.