What is the function of oestradiol?

Oestradiol, which is also known as E2, estradiol and 17-beta (o)estradiol, is a reproductive hormone in men and women, although, men do not need as much oestradiol as women.

For women, oestradiol mainly acts to mature and maintain the female reproductive system, with Oestradiol being the strongest of three naturally produced oestrogens. Oestradiol plays a role in:

  • The development and subsequent release of an egg during ovulation
  • The preparation of the uterus in the event of fertilisation
  • Promoting the development of breast tissue
  • Enhancing bone and cartilage density

As women age, Oestradiol levels slowly reduce. During the menopause, there is a large decrease in the levels of Oestradiol when the ovaries switch off. This is associated with menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, depression, and fatigue. After the menopause, women are at an increased risk of osteoporosis because of a lack of estrogen. If you have an excess of Oestradiol, you may experience a variety of symptoms from acne, low sex drive, constipation, depression and weight gain to infertility, stroke, heart attack and an increased risk of developing breast and uterine cancer.

For men, Oestradiol contributes to sperm production, resulting from the conversion of testosterone within the testes. In men, an excess of Oestradiol can result in sexual dysfunction, loss of muscle tone, increased body fat, and the development of female characteristics, such as breast tissue.

What is the main test for Oestradiol?

Are you concerned about any of the symptoms listed above? If you are a woman, are you concerned about your fertility, the menopause, or your risk of osteoporosis? The Better2Know Oestradiol test can give you the information you need to alleviate any concerns you may have or help to identify any issues so that they can be rectified.

How can Oestradiol be tested?

The Better2Know Oestradiol test only requires a blood sample to be taken. At a clinic of your choice, a blood sample will be taken from your arm which will then be sent to our accredited laboratory for analysis.

How will I receive my test results?

Your results will be ready within the same day of your blood sample arriving at our certified laboratory. A member of our Patient Services team will contact you as soon as the results become available, where you will then be able to access your results securely via a confidential patient login area of the Better2Know website.

What should I do with my results?

The Better2Know Oestradiol test will provide you with accurate information about the Oestradiol levels in your blood. If the results show abnormal levels, we can arrange a private consultation using our network of suitably qualified doctors across Ireland.

How can I book my Oestradiol test?

You can book your test now by calling us on the number above. A member of our experienced Patient Services team will book your test for you, they are also on hand to answer any questions you may have and can assist you in processing your bookings.

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