Better2Know Course in STIs
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Product Description

Better2Know Course in STIs

The Better2Know illustrated booklet on Sexually Transmitted Infections is a brief guide to what each of the infections that Better2Know tests for is, and how to treat them. It also includes the Better2Know guide to Safer Sex. The forward is written by Dr Michael Brady, an HIV and Sexual Health Consultant at Kings College London. The booklet contains information on twelve different STIs, their symptoms, how to test for them and how to treat them, as well as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), and our safer sex guide.

This booklet is designed for doctors, nurses and all interested persons and includes the assessment fee for the Better2Know Certificate in Sexually Transmitted Infections which is worth five CPD points. The Test of Understanding and Self-Assessment can be downloaded from our website and sent to Better2Know for accreditation.

Certificate in Sexually Transmitted Infections

Better2Know has a CPD accredited course which leads to a Certificate in Sexually Transmitted Infections.

The objectives of the course are:

  • To give information on safer sex and preventing further infection and transmission
  • To increase knowledge and understanding of STIs
  • To be able to respond to patient queries on STIs with confidence
  • To be able to provide and/ or signpost (as appropriate) patients to the appropriate treatment pathway


The booklet and course has been accredited by CPDUK (certificate number:1509L1).

For three CPD Points: please read the booklet and complete the Self Assessment Record.

For five CPD Points: please read the booklet and complete the Self Assessment Record and complete the Test of Understanding.


Frequently Asked Questions

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