The Diva Menstrual Cup (Model 2)
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Product Description

The Diva Menstrual Cup (Model 2)

Menstrual Cup 2

The Diva Cup is a new approach to managing your menstrual flow. It is an alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. It is reusable, which means it has less impact on the environment. The Diva Cup is made from soft, flexible silicone that not only reduces your plastic waste footprint but is also economically friendly. It lasts for up to 10 years. Where tampons and pads absorb blood and require regular changing, the Diva Cup collects the blood. All you need to do is empty the cup twice within a 24-hour period, enabling up to 12 hours of protection. When inserted correctly, your Diva Cup forms an airtight seal, so you can get on with your daily activities stress-free and safe in the knowledge that there will be no leakage or odour.

The Diva Cup comes in two types; model 2 is suited to women over the age of 30, as well as women who have delivered a baby vaginally or by c-section (caesarean section). Free from plastic, BPA, acrylic, elastomer, acrylate, latex, phthalate, polyethylene and PVC, as well as colours and dyes – you can rest assured that the Diva Cup will not cause harm to your vaginal walls, including the natural moisture of your vagina.

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