What is Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a viral infection of the liver, which is often transferred by infected body fluids, including blood. The highly infectious virus may also be present in saliva, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk, amongst others. Cases of Hepatitis B are often symptomless in the initial stages. If they are present, symptoms may include tiredness, aches, vomiting, nausea, passing darker urine than normal and/or being jaundiced.

Unprotected sexual intercourse is one of the most common ways of transmitting this disease, though infection can also be passed on through contaminated needles and other blood to blood contact.

What is the testing process?

All Better2Know testing is confidential and anoymous.  Our Instant Hepatitis B test requires a simple blood sample which will be collected by an experienced clinician during your appointment. Our Instant Hepatitis B test is available in many clinics across Ireland including Dublin, Galway and Cork. The test is suitable just 28 days after potential exposure to the virus and is also available as part of our Instant Four and Instant Six screens, respectively.

Why should I get tested?

In many cases, Hepatitis B causes an acute illness which resolves itself quickly without causing long-term liver damage. However, in some instances the infection can cause a chronic illness, which usually lasts for more than six months. In extreme cases, patients can develop cirrhosis, liver cancer, or liver failure, all of which can prove fatal. Getting tested is the only way to be sure of your Hepatitis B status, with our Instant tests providing fast, accurate results. Please visit our Hepatitis B page for more information on this STI.

When will I receive my results?

Your blood sample which is usually taken from a finger prick, is added to a test cassette to run. You should receive your results within 15 minutes, whilst you wait in the clinic.

What if my test is positive?

If your Instant Hepatitis B test is positive, we will take a further, venous blood sample free of charge. This will be sent to our accredited laboratory for analysis. Furthermore, Better2Know can assist you with arranging doctor consultations in person or over the phone if the second sample is also positive.

How can I make an appointment?

To arrange an appointment for an Instant Hepatitis B test, or any other test or screen, call our friendly patient services team today on the number above. You can also make yoru bookin online.