Why might I need a HIV Certificate?

Many countries require a HIV Certificate as part of their entry requirements for visas. This is normally for a work visa. It will be needed at the visa application stage. Better2Know can provide the certificate you need after your HIV Test from any of our clinics.  Please let our booking team know that you need a certificate when you book your test.

Countries where an HIV Certificate can be required as part of the visa application include: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and most other former Soviet states, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Brunei and Singapore. The list of countries is increasing all the time so please check your entry requirements.

In addition, many people need a HIV Certificate for professional reasons, e.g. oil, gas and offshore workers, security personnel, and some sports men and women including for boxing. Better2Know can provide HIV tests and certificates for all these occupations and others. If you have any questions please contact our booking team who will be happy to help.

We can also arrange corporate billing. If you have a requirement for multiple tests please contact us at corporate@better2know.com.