What is a full blood count?

A full blood count is used as a comprehensive and broad screening test. The full blood count is made up of 11 tests which individually test for disorders such as anaemia or any infection. The Better2Know full blood count test will detect any abnormal levels of the different components in your blood, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, to give you a good assessment of your overall health.

Why should I consider a full blood count?

A full blood count can assist you in determining the cause behind feeling tired, withdrawn, or feeling unwell, and can help you to make a diagnosis. Any abnormalities in the results can indicate anaemia, infection, inflammation, problems with clotting, or several other significant medical disorders. As this is a broad screen, the Full Blood Count gives you important information about health problems you may have or could have.

How is the full blood count tested?

A single blood sample is required for a Better2Know full blood count. At a clinic of your choice, blood will be taken from your arm. Once collected, the blood sample will be sent to our fully accredited laboratory for analysis.

How will I receive my test results?

Once the sample has arrived at our accredited laboratory, your results will be ready within the same working day. At Better2Know, we pride ourselves on the accuracy of the test results and your results will always be handled with the strictest confidence. You will be contacted by a member of our dedicated Patient Services team as soon as your results are available. You can view your results online via a secure patient login area of our website.

What happens if I need further help after my Full Blood Count test results?

We recommend that you speak with a doctor if your Full Blood Count reveals abnormal blood counts. Better2Know has a network of experienced doctors situated across Ireland that our Patient Services team can organise a private consultation nationwide, either before your full blood count test or following your results. Alternatively, you can take your test results to a doctor of your choice if you prefer.

Book your full blood count test now

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